Some relevant pointers about Mail servers and Mail filtering

MTA - Mail Servers

milter API

Virus filtering

Spam filtering

  • Greylisting - The Next Step in the Spam Control War - Evan Harris web site about Greylisting, and his implementation (relaydelay). This is the reference site about greylisting
  • SURBL - Spam URI Blocklist


  • Brian Costales, sendmail Milters: A Guide for Fighting Spam
  • Brian Costales and Eric Allman - sendmail
  • Bruno Rasle and Frédéric Aoun - Halte au Spam - a very good french book about spam.

Other tools from the author

  • Alternative libmilter - This is a modified libmilter using a pool of workers instead of one thread per SMTP connection. This allows to drastically reduce the number of threads in the filter : interesting if your server handles lots of simultaneous connections. This implementation of libmilter was integrated on sendmail 8.14.0 and received an Innovative Open Source Contribution award from sendmail.
  • Vigilog - a set of perl scripts to process Cisco Routers log files and detect scans.
  • j-sophosd a daemon virus scanner using Sophos savi library (not included) to use it with ze-filter release 1.7 and newers. This is a prototype.
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