ze-filter Connection and Message Identifiers

ze-filter assigns a unique identifier for each connection it handles. It looks like this : 48E741CC.002.

  • 48E741CC is the number of seconds elapsed since epoch (Jan 1, 1070) coded in hexadecimal.
  • 002 is the order of this connection inside that second minus one (in this case, the third connection inside that second.

Also, each message has a unique identifier which is composed by the connection ID and the order of the message inside that connection. E.g., 48E741CC.002.004, is the fifth message of the connection identified by 48E741CC.002.

ze-filter inserts some headers to each message it handles, including the connection ID, to allow mail servers administrators to identify the message and search for more information whenever he needs.

X-Miltered: at paris.ensmp.fr with ID 48E75E8A.003 by Joe's ze-filter (http : // ze-filter dot ensmp dot fr)!
X-ze-filter-Enveloppe: 48E75E8A.003/[]/uidgimnn/<sdenyseym@themindgroup.com>
X-ze-filter-Score: MSGID : 48E75E8A.003 on paris-2 : ze-filter score : XXXXXX : R=. U=. O=# B=0.991 -> S=0.994
X-ze-filter-Status: Spam HI
If you want to see what happened with a particular message, it's enough to look for the connection ID inside the filter log files (/var/log/ze-filter or some files inside /var/ze-filter/files, depending on what you've found at the first one).
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