Archiving electronic messages is a growing need in many organisations, for many reasons :

  • Indexing and information retrieval
  • Data mining
  • Restoring a lost or filtered message
  • Backup

ze-filter has some basic archiving possibilities. If you enable archiving feature, ze-filter will save messages designed to be archived in the spool directory (/var/spool/ze-filter), and log it into the quarantine log file (default log file : /var/ze-filter/files/ze-quarantine). It's up to an external application to move them out of the spool and do what shall be done, for each kind of use.

In some future release, ze-filter will integrate an external module with more advanced archiving features.

All or part of the mail traffic can be archived, based on the SMTP client address, the sender address or the recipient address. From the last version on, you can activate this with the configuration option :


By default, nothing is archived. You shall define what to archive, using ze-policy database prefixes :

If you want to archive all messages, simply add :

ArchiveConnect:default               YES-QUICK

If you want to archive only some selected messages, simply add :

ArchiveConnect:default               NO
ArchiveConnect:IP.AD.RE.SS           YES-QUICK          YES-QUICK            YES
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