ze-regex - Pattern matching configuration file

This feature still exists only for historic reasons and to solve very specific situations. Regular expressions are too resource consuming, may easily generate false positives and aren't effective enough. This feature shall be used only to reject some specific spams which can't be detected by some other means.

This file is used to configure ze-filter pattern matching feature. It contains lines with the following syntax :

  • WHERE - where or what to look for
  • SCORE - a positive integer number
  • REGULAR EXPRESSION - a regular expression to look for.
  1. Expressions to be matched against full text
    • BODY -
    • HEADERS -
    • FROM -
    • SUBJECT -
    • HELO -
    • ANYWHERE -
BODY       15   (add|gain).{1,20}inches
  1. Expressions to be matched only against URIs
    • URLSTR - This is a string to be looked at the hostname of URLs
    • URLEXPR - This is a regular expression to be looked at URLs.
URLSTR   50  adultfriendfinder.com
URLEXPR  10  [^ />]+eoffer[s]*\.(com|net|bz|biz|tv)
URLEXPR  10  [^ />]+/unsubscribe
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