Results - Sun T2000

This is a Sun T2000 computer with a 8 core CPU (each core can handle 4 threads), 16 GBytes of RAM, and 2×73 GBytes SAS disks, running Solaris 10 01/06.


Content filtering - behaviour for various levels of message rate

The T2000 begin rejecting messages when the input message rate is greater than 65 msgs/sec. The probably reason was a problem with load average control done by sendmail (we hadn't enough time to solve it).

Content filtering - behaviour for sustained message rate

NOOP - no content check feature enabled

Filter running with XFILES filtering enabled

Filter running with URL filtering enabled

Filter running with XFILES and URL filtering enabled


Features enabled Handled message rate (msgs/sec)
NOOP 65.48
XFILES 64.98
URLBL 64.98

Greylisting evaluation

No greylisting evaluation was done with the T2000.

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