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Migrating from j-chkmail to ze-filter is quite easy if you use the tool migrate-j-chkmail-2-ze-filter found inside tools directory of source distribution. This script does most of the job :

  • copy configuration, work and spool directories;
  • rename files;
  • replace references to old things…;
  • create new user and group : ze-filter;
  • set owner and group of converted files.

The best way to use it is to execute these steps (order is important) :

steps :
  # 1. stop j-chkmail services :
  service jchkmail stop
  # 2. migrate j-chkmail data :
  migrate-j-chkmail-2-ze-filter --op copy
  # 3. check if everything was done as expected
  # 4. compile and install ze-data (as in the old way...)
  # 5. check again if everything is fine...
  # 6. start ze-filter
About this migration script… you shall remember :
  1. j-chkmail runs as user smmsp and group smmsp. This was a bad idea and remained this way by historic reasons. It's time to correct it !
  2. migrate-j-chkmail-2-ze-filter will create these users and change owners where appropriate;
  3. for the moment, this script modifies only j-chkmail data installed on standard/default places. These places are :
    • /etc/mail/jchkmail
    • /var/jchkmail
    • /var/spool/jchkmail
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