Installation - Roadmap

Things must be installed in the following sequence :

  1. The MTA - sendmail or postfix
  2. libmilter
  3. ze-filter
  4. other tools
    • RRDTool
    • ClamAV
Although it's a good idea to know how things are installed, you can also use the ze-easy-install tool, which will automate most steps, from getting the last release from ze-filter web site to configure, compile and install/update the filter. ze-easy-install has almost the same features as some package managers with the advantage of being OS independent.

Sendmail and Postfix

Installing sendmail or postfix is out of the scope of this documentation. Specific information on how to configure these MTA can be found at Quick Start.


  • Go to the root of sendmail distribution tree.
    # gunzip -c sendmail.8.14.4.tar.gz | tar xf -
    # cd sendmail-8.14.4
  • Create the file devtools/Site/site.config.m4 with the following content :
    dnl Enable libmilter with a pool of workers
    dnl Use poll instead of select
    dnl Enable IPv6
  • Compile and install libmilter :
    # cd libmilter
    # ./Build
    # ./Build install
Why install libmilter this way ??? Because thread model in libmilter bundled with sendmail 8.14.0 and newers versions is modified to work with a pool of workers instead of one thread per SMTP connection. This is very important for huge servers. To enable it, compile libmilter this way.



Just type :

make install

You don't need anything other than a computer, some flavor of the UNIX Operating System (SunOS, FreeBSD or Linux) and an MTA (sendmail or postfix).

There are very few things you can/may configure at compile time. If you really need to do configure it in a non standard way, you'll probably find useful to take a look at compile.conf file inside distribution tree.

Have a look then at Quick Start


Some work needed to adapt it…

Coming soon !!!

Just get ze-easy-install from ze-filter web site :

# wget
# chmod +x ze-easy-install
# ./ze-easy-install

To update your filter, launch :

# ze-easy-install update stable
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