Where things are placed ?

  • /etc/ze-filter - Configuration files;
  • /var/ze-filter - Let's call this the HOME DIR or where ze-filter does the most of his job. Directories inside :
    • cdb - static (constant) databases, opened in read-only mode by the filter : policy database, valid recipients database, bayes database, …
    • wdb - working databases, where the filter stores live data such as greylisting data, dns resolution, …
    • ze-greydb - working databases used by ze-greyd (centralized greylisting) daemon;
    • files - flat text and binary files generated by the filter;
    • bin - some small tools and scripts useful to manage the filter or the data generated by it;
    • dbtools - BerkeleyDB tools (ze-db_recover, ze-db_upgrade, …) compiled with the filter and with the same library version of the filter.
  • /var/spool/ze-filter - The filter creates, in this directory, temporary files with the contents of the messages being handled.
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