configure options

As usual, you can configure the software at compile time with the configure script.

ze-filter specific options are :

  • –with-user=USER - (default ze-filter)
  • –with-group=GROUP - (default ze-filter)
  • –disable-create-user-group - don't create user and group if they don't exist (default enable)
  • –with-work-dir=PATH - ze-filter work dir (default /var/ze-filter)
  • –with-ze-greyd-dir=PATH - ze-greyd work dir (default /var/ze-filter/ze-greydb)
  • –with-spool-dir=PATH - ze-filter spool dir (default /var/spool/ze-filter)
  • –with-conf-dir=PATH - ze-filter config dir (default /etc/ze-filter)
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